Virelli Jewellers Ltd has been manufacturing precious metal jewellery since 1979. Our primary goal has been to create beautiful jewellery in-house using Canadian products wherever possible. We have built an impeccable reputation within the jewellery industry and our method of operation has remained by referral and appointment only.

We are members of the Canadian Jewellers Association and the Jewellers Vigilance of Canada, and take great pride in educating our clients in diamond grading and product knowledge. We also pay particular attention to customer satisfaction as the “service after the sale” has always been of paramount importance to us.

Our facility is set up to produce jewellery from the design concept to the finished product and we offer jewellery repair services on site. We currently manufacture all types of jewellery including engagement rings, wedding bands, corporate jewellery and special occasion orders which incorporate a variety of metals and techniques, as well as diamonds and coloured gemstones of superior quality. Since 1979, our customers have provided us with countless ideas and designs and, along with our guidance and expertise, we have succeeded in crafting a vast collection of models of exceptional quality and style. We also carry a collection of finished products from the Far East, New York, Los Angeles and Italy. These jewellery hubs offer cutting edge technology, that has evolved over decades of research and development, and are the result of world class designers working with some of the brightest minds in jewellery manufacturing.

We are always looking for opportunities to acquire new and unique jewellery items from the international market and make them available to our clients for an honest price.

If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email or phone.